About HME

Huskamp Motorsports Engineering: We Engineer Excitement.


Huskamp Motorsports Engineering is a leader in servicing the motorsports and after-market automotive applications industry.  By developing unique creative materials and forward thinking design solutions, we are able to provide our clients with unique advantages that make a difference.

Building on an in-depth knowledge of advanced aerospace materials and unparalleled design experience, we have developed an operational philosophy tailored to the motorsports industry.  Our projects have impacted a diverse mix of vehicles and teams, ranging from Formula PROP boats to Formula 1 racecars. Manufacturers of racecars and aftermarket components have secured our services to cost-effectively streamline the production of complex, low-volume components while enhancing their designs for ultimate performance and safety.

Clients choose Huskamp Motorsports Engineering because we have proven experience in the global motorsports market. This experience has led to the developments of successful development of new market strategies and opportunities within our client’s capability and field of expertise.

At Huskamp Motorsports Engineering, We Engineer Excitement.