Chris Huskamp Supports SCCA Formula Car Rules Committees

With more and more innovative approaches to circumventing rules for being created, experienced creative thinkers are needed to predict the direction and ‘opportunities’ racers could exploit. Due to his depth of experience in top-tier racing series and precise process specification creation for aerospace, Chris was asked to participate in the Sports Car Club of America’s Formula & Sports-racer Rules Advisory Committee. His experience was also called upon to head the Formula B Adhoc Committee that was focused on developing and equitable restriction plan to cap the power output from the 1000cc motorcycle based power units for 2015 Competition. This task was successfully completed by assembling a group of nine competitors, car builders and engine developers that, though differing in approach were able to work together to execute the requirement. This team developed a significant amount of engine and flow-bench test data to validate the approach courtesy of George Dean Racing Engines and Jay Novak. Both are great guys with deep passion for racing. Thanks guys!